Blue Pelican Bookkeeping

The elegant pelican is a larger bird with a ten foot wing-span and lots of feathers.  They are striking to behold, magnificent.  The pelican symbolizes preparation and constancy.   The formation of pelican flight is a beautiful and stunning display.  Often a V-shape and often in a straight line, pelicans are about intimate, shared journeys.  Pelicans enjoy long, uninterrupted expeditions and this speaks to a contemplative state of mind.  Travel is about moving, fear, adapting, and overcoming.  Pelicans are about calm, controlled movement.  They represent confidence.

The graceful swoop of the pelican as she over-fills her bill with water and spray reminds us to reconnect with our emotional self and receive its sustenance.  Bills, and particularly large bills, represent self-indulgence, holding, and the capacity to take in a great deal.  Pouches speak of containment, security, and transportation.  The pelican as an animal totem, represents an impressive ability to take in a lot of information at once and digest it all with relative ease.

These birds are group fishers. They come together as a group and hunt their food together. This teaches us to take time to forge healthy relationships with people in your community with a goal to establish co-operative benefits for the group.    They are intensely focused on the catch, non-plussed by the fishermen around them.  They perch themselves in an advantageous position, focus on the goal, and observe the resources that come.  The symbolic pelican meaning thus includes as aspect of opportunism. 

The pelican is an impressive and glorious animal and encourages involvement, sharing, and communication.  These ancient birds fly in the air of the intellect but are always plunging into the sea of sentiment. They carry insight and great truth.

Key words to consider in relation to the symbolic meaning of the pelican are focus, humility, wisdom, direction, responsibility, teamwork, resources, and generosity.

Long considered a corporate color, blue, especially medium and darker blue, is associated with intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism. Blue colours are strong and steadfast as well as calming. Trustworthiness, truth, and authority are some of the traditional aspects of corporate blue.  Blue conveys importance and confidence without being somber or sinister, hence the blue power suit of the corporate world and the blue uniforms of police officers.

Orange radiates warmth and energy.  It stimulates activity and encourages socialization.